Bio: I'm a woman who has been married for nearly a decade. And I am deeply in love. When I met my husband (DH), I would say I was a lost soul. I can't say we fixed things in each other - rather, he pushed me to find a greater joy in my life while I struggled to grow and find reasons that I was worthwhile. Did he save me? Probably not. I saved myself. But he stood by me while I blindly fumbled around in the darkness, trying to find meaning and happiness. While our society likes to focus on change, renewal, breakups, drama, those of us who find an idyllic existence with our partners keep our celebrations of these unions quiet and private. But why not celebrate this? I thought that I would start this blog to pay homage to those of us who happily exist in our partnerships. My relationship is far from perfect, but it's made me happy and fulfilled. This is home. I've never laughed so much or been happier in my life. So I guess you could say that this is happily ever after. Or is this just the beginning?

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